Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paint Transfer Technique

Margaret showed me how to do the Paint Transfer Technique. This is not an exact image transfer, but getting an approximation of an image for a different look.
Choose an image (bold is best). Place thick clear plastic over your image. Outline the image on the plastic with a sharpie marker. Flip the plastic over and paint within the drawn lines with various colors of acrylic paint.
Apply a layer of matte medium over the surface you want to transfer the image on to. Place the painted side of the plastic down onto the prepared surface. Use fingers to push down on the paint (be careful if you transfer right away while the paint is still wet, it will run a bit).
 Let it set for about an hour
 Remove plastic. I could place the plastic back down on the paper and burnish to remove more of the paint onto the paper, but I liked how this looked and left it the way it was.
 Once the paint is dry, use a sharpie marker to outline the image and add details:
 Decided to try this technique on muslin. I let the paint dry this time before placing it on the muslin that I had first applied matte medium to. Used a bone folder to burnish the painted transfer.
The paint will transfer from the plastic to the other surface differently each time you do this technique.
 Once the paint is completely dry, outline and add details with a sharpie marker:
I like how both of these turned out!

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