Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Embossing UTEE in a Memory Frame

We watched another UTEE video
We melted pearl UTEE (instead of white) in with the clear UTEE, mixing in the melting pot. Then pouring into a Memory Frame over a craft sheet and letting it cool.
Next, stamp an image onto the cool UTEE with clear embossing ink, and cover with bright colors of embossing enamels, then heat set with a heat tool.
The stamping doesn't go clear to the edges of the UTEE, I think I poured a bit too much in and didn't get a flat surface.
I decided to also try this technique with black UTEE, and when it cooled in the memory frame, using embossing powders over a stamped image and then heat setting. I think I should have used embossing powders without the glitter in it for this fine detail stamped image.

So, I decided to turn it into something else. I reheated the embossing powders and top of the UTEE with a heat tool, getting the powders more evenly distributed over the surface.
While it was hot stamping an image into the surface (the stamp has clear embossing ink on it). Remove stamp after the surface has cooled. (only use rubber stamps in this heat, not polymer stamps)
How it looks after the embossing enamel & powders have cooled.
Used an exacto knife to cut off some of the UTEE that went over the edges of the frame. Added some green Perfect Pearls to part of the surface:
Then applied copper Metallic Rub-ons to the raised areas:
I like how this turned out!

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