Tuesday, August 14, 2012

R is for Re-inker Splash

R is for Re-inker Splash, another fun technique from the Technique Junkie Newsletter
The technique uses a clear plastic report cover. I didn't have one of those, so I took a large thickish plastic piece of packaging (I think it held replacement scrapbook cover pages). I cut off three sides, leaving the one folded edge in place to create my own "cover". The dropped assorted co-ordinating dye re-inkers onto the sheet. (You can use pigment and/or metallic re-inkers, but you'll need to coat with embossing powder and heat set at the end, because those inks do not dry on glossy card stock).
 Close the cover and use a brayer to blend the inks.
 Open the folder and place two sheets of glossy card stock shiny side out in the folder.
 Close the cover and use the brayer to spread the ink over the glossy card stock. Leave white space as desired.
 Open the cover and remove the card stock. Looks cool!
 You can keep adding glossy card stock to use up the inks. I decided to add some more yellow and blue inks on each side first.
 Again, placed two sheets of glossy card stock, shiny side out, close the folder and brayer over all.
 Here's how these looked:
 Then I place two more sheets of glossy card stock in the cover, moving the card stock around with in the cover to pick up most of the inks. I like how they look also!

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