Sunday, February 19, 2012

K is for Knife Painting

K is for Knife Painting, I found this is a painting technique, one form of the impasto technique. Knife painting can be done with oil or acrylic paints.
Used a palette knife to apply gold Lumiere paint to watercolor paper. Created texture by applying different thicknesses of paint over the surface and using the edge to create patterns. Let dry.
 Added a second color with indigo Lumiere paint over the gold. Used the knife to remove some of paint in different areas. Also used the knife to create a thick paint layer for the border along the edges. Let dry.
 Here's my background:
 Made an ATC by adding a fairy image, a gold key, a dictionary definition of kindness and 3 small gold star brads.
My ABC's of Technique ATC collection is growing nicely!

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