Sunday, November 13, 2011

H is for Heated Pearls

 H is for Heated Pearls. I thought I had played with this technique before, but can't find any samples in my stash or a sample on my blog.
Trish has a wonderful tutorial for this technique on her blog.

Pour some pva glue (cheap white glue like Elmer's school glue) onto black glossy card stock.
 Use a stipple brush to spread the glue around the card stock. This technique will have different appearances depending on how much glue you apply.
 Sprinkle on at least two colors of Pearl Ex (the glue will set the Pearl Ex)
 Mix and spread around the Pearl Ex with your stipple brush.
 If you want, take a second sheet of black glossy card stock and press into the wet gluey Pearl Ex and then lift off to create two sheets of heated pearls.
 While the glue is still wet, heat the glue with a heat tool. This will cause the glue to bubble and create fun texture.
 Here's a photo of my finished sheets. Must be seen in person to appreciate the texture and shine and how it "moves" in the light.
Lots of variation with this technique depending on how much glue and what colors of Pearl Ex you choose to use.

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