Sunday, November 13, 2011

H is for Hatched-Line Texture

This technique is from the book "acrylic Revolution" by Nancy Reyner.
Start by applying a thin layer of acrylic molding paste (as I did) or gel to your surface with a plate knife. Smooth the surface as evenly as possible.
Then gently drag a comb through the wet paste from side to side. Wipe off the excess paste with each swipe of the "comb".  Then repeat making vertical lines. Be careful to use a light touch with the "comb" or you will erase the horizontal lines as I did here.

Easy to fix, I re swiped the comb in the horizontal direction with a light touch. I don't mind that my "hatching" is a bit erratic. Now for the hard part, let the paste dry.
Color the hatched lines with undiluted paint, diluted washes or a combination.
I used indigo Lumiere paint for the first layer to completely cover the paste. Then erratically brushed on some turquoise Lumiere paint and created a light shimmery purple to brush on by mixing d. purple and pearl white Lumiere paint.
 Here is one of my finished backgrounds.


Trish Bee said...

Love your backgrounds :) Ive got some of that stuffs too...goes off to find it...

chrissy said...

This is a very cool background... love it. What I need now is larger jars of lumiere paint!