Friday, July 2, 2010

Book Study - Watercolor Plastic Wrap Technique

This week in the ongoing study of Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed" in the NGS group, we are looking at the section on "Watercolor Plastic Wrap Technique". [Just before this section, Julia has a good discussion on Watercolors and Basic Watercolor Washes]
For this technique you use watercolors and watercolor paper. Tape down the watercolor paper to keep it from warping. If you have a planned use for your background, start with a larger size sheet of watercolor paper, as the area under the tape will stay white. For my first sample, I started with a graded wash of blue watercolor.
While the paint was still wet, covered with wrinkled plastic wrap and waited for it to dry.
Here's how it looks:
Julia also suggests trying the technique with several colors at one time. I choose yellow, blue and purple. Covered with wrinkle plastic wrap and let it dry.
Next I did of wash of two shades of blue watercolors and sprinkled on some Perfect Pearls (instead of blending in the Perfect Pearls with water), covered in wrinkled plastic wrap and let dry.
The shimmer shows up better in "real life":
For my final one, mixed blue and purple watercolors and sprinkled on gold Perfect Pearls, covered in wrinkle plastic wrap and let dry.
Again, it's more glimmery in "real life", plus it's getting late and the light is poor.
Another fun technique with endless possibilities.


Maggi said...

Thanks for posting - I have done that technique in the long forgotten past - guess I need to try again. Summer is a perfect time to dry the paper outside.

chrissy said...

I know how shimmery these can be in real life...Great examples. Thanks Carol
Chrissy Bornfleth

Rena Sawatski said...

Great examples Carol. It is too bad that the shimmer does not show in the pictures. I have not had time to continue with the book study, but hope to find some time to play later on.

Lisa said...

Oh my. I love this!