Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book Study - Shinning Stones

This week in the ongoing study of Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed" in the NGS group, we're studying the section "Shinning Stones". I had fun with this a while ago.
First liberally apply dye ink to glossy paper. You can use a brayer or directly rub the pad on the glossy paper.
Then mist the inked paper with water.
Then use a small brush to make wavy stripes over the surface with a creamy paste of Perfect Pearls and water.
Then re mist the paper and use a crumpled paper towel to gently dab and twist, creating patterns with the Perfect Pearls. Allow to dry.
I think I had too much water in my Perfect Pearls paste, but I like how this piece turned out.
I also did one with a lighter colored rainbow pad and made a thicker paste of the gold Perfect Pearls and water.

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chrissy said...

I too love the shinning stones technique!!! Beautiful examples Carol!!
Chrissy Bornfleth