Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Study - Water Webbing

In our ongoing book study project on NGS group, we are looking at the section on Water Webbing in Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed". Julia recommends using a soft- cold-pressed watercolor paper that is 120 lb or heavier for this technique. (I used scraps from my stash, not sure what kind of watercolor paper it is). Make sure you check out Julia's book to see how this technique is supposed to look.
Tape the paper to keep it from curling, then spray with water and wipe off the excess water.
Firmly press a bold image stamp into dye based ink to get it well inked, then stamp onto the watercolor paper.
Lift off the stamp and immediately spray with water. Julia says to spray just once and the pressure from applying the water will move the paint into the webbing patterns.
I'm not sure if I've used the wrong type of watercolor paper, or the hot sun is drying my paper too fast or my spray bottle is too fine of a mist. I sprayed a couple of times:
Here's another one done with a rainbow pad and a large butterfly stamp:
Done again with the same inked stamp, with a lighter amount of ink on the stamp:
This is what happened when I forgot to wipe off the excess water after spraying the watercolor paper and stamping the inked image:


Rena Sawatski said...

Thanks again for all your experiments Carol. Will have to catch up with the book study sometime in August and will post mine to my blog when I get to play.

Interesting variations on this technique.

kitchen tables said...

This is a new style of making art for me. I have never seen this style here in our place. I need to learn this amazing technique.