Friday, August 14, 2009

Sept. Quote of the Month

I am getting ahead start on some of my upcoming projects. The quote of the month for September on ccswaps is "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free" by Michelangelo. I started with this torso made from a mold by Chris and sent to me as part of the Favorite Bellie swap we had on DreamCreateInspire group. I'm not sure what it's made out of, but it's very light weight (Thankfully, Chris left a comment saying "she's made from Delight Paperclay in a KraftyLady mold'').
I painted over the torso with pearl white Lumiere paint and rubbed on a sparse amount of mica powder.
Created wings by inking up wing rubber stamps with black Brilliance ink, laying down two sheets of Textiva Fusible Film, then some tissue paper and heating with a small iron to fuse the film together. Cut out around the stamped wing images.
Decided to make another sketch book, this one with a niche in the front cover to place my "angel" torso in. Couldn't find where I placed a pad of printable canvas, so decided to try regular canvas sheets in my ink jet printer and it worked well, after trimming the sheets to 8-1/2" x 11". I choose a photo I took of Winged Victory at the Louvre 2 years ago (I know it was not carved by Michelangelo), played around with color added the quote to the image and printed it out on to the canvas sheet. Without changing the photo, just the placement of the quote, I tried printing, while telling the printer what type of "paper" I was choosing (canvas paper was not an option). Wish I could remember the setting for the left one, as that is my favorite of the two. The one on the right was done with selecting brochure paper.
Wanting to use the Zutter Bind-it-All for the binding, and knowing it doesn't allow very thick covers in the hole punching part, I started with two thinnish sheets of core board. Cut into 6" squares and punched each one separately. Cut out the niche in both pieces, then adhered them together to make a thicker front cover.
For the back of the niche, colored glossy card stock with blue alcohol inks, run it through a swirl Cuttlebug embossing folder and colored the raised areas with silver metallic mixture. Glued to the back of the niche.
Used on of the printed canvas to be the front cover. Adhered the "angel" torso inside the niche. Added an angel charm to the top left corner and three gold brads near Michelangelo's name. Bound book together with black 1" coils.
For the inside of the covers, I cut out 5" squares of black & silver paste paper I'd made a few years ago and colored the edges using a silver leafing pen. Stamped images and a word on two of the Water Color Wash Backgrounds (from the second set) I made a few months ago. Layered these on the paste paper and added a silver colored filigree to the top of the water color wash backgrounds.

Used the other printed canvas over thick cardboard to be the outside of the back cover.


Chris in Oz said...

Gorgeous book, Carol. I'm so pleased that you are using the 'bellie' that I made. BTW, she's made from Delight Paperclay in a KraftyLady mold.


Lorraine said...

like this especially the colours and textures

Rena Sawatski said...

Lovely book Carol. I was thinking of using that "bellie' as well but changed my mind and went in a totally different direction.