Sunday, August 16, 2009

Buttonhole Book Project

Almost two years ago, I bought a Buttonhole Book Kit from Albie Smith at Vendor Night at Art & Soul in Portland, Oregon. The kit came with all the parts to make a book with beautiful paste paper for the covers by Albie. I wanted to play with decorating the papers and having a book filled with Bible verses and favorite hymns. During a big clean up, I put the kit away and forgot all about it. I was inspired by the theme at Mixed Media Monday to get started on this (more in the next post). First getting colors on the papers. I started with just three of the sheets and randomly sprayed left overs of home made color sprays front and back. Some have perfect pearls in them, most do not. As I make up more sprays, I "think" I'll start off the rest of the pages this way. Don't think I'll post all the spraying. I need to be careful not to get too heavy handed as it is only text weight paper and I don't want to tear it. Here's the sample of what was made today.

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