Friday, April 13, 2012

First Round Sudokus are Done!

I now have all the finished Sudoku ATCs from the first round. Chrissy had the great idea of placing them in the Valise Books we made at Red Rubber Paper & Ink when we were together in Wisconsin last Oct. I like to see the front and back of the ATCs I receive, so I cut off the sport card protection sleeves that had a flap on the side. I cut out decorative paper 2" x 4" and folded into half and glued around the plastic flap on the sleeve. Then punched the holes to match the book rings.
My Ink, Spray, Smoosh backgrounds. Love what everyone did with them.
 Bev's background, which I did the second step.
 Margaret's background, I did the third step.
 Jan's background, I did the fourth step.
 Kathy's background, I did the fifth step.
 Chrissy's background, I did the sixth step.
 Maggi's background, I did the final step.
I made more of these protector sheet pages in readiness for the next set of Sudoku Swap ATCs we are working on.

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