Monday, April 16, 2012

Doodled Book Covers

I needed to make another book to hold the ATCs from the 9ATC group. Great time to experiment. Started with four 12" x 12" worksheets. Sprayed coordinating colors of colors spray and let dry.
Used these papers to cover two 10" x 12" pieces of cardboard. I couldn't find my jar of Yes glue, so used something else, it left my paper loose and warped. Decided it would do for my book. As the paper wasn't larger than 12", used tissue taped to cover the top and bottom edges and to keep the edges down on the side that will be the inside covers.
Placed a large 12" x 12" paper doily over two pieces and sprayed with bronze Perfect Pearls mist, then flipped the doily over on the two other pieces and pressed down.As the paper on the covers wasn't flat, some areas didn't show off the stenciled design very well.
 Punched three holes in the side of the covers and inserted trading card plastic protective sheets. Decided to practice doodling with a variety of markers and gel pens. Front cover:
 Inside front cover:
 Inside back cover:
 For the back cover, painted the word play with white acrylic paint. Let dry then doodled on flowers with colored sharpie markers.
Now I have a bright colorful book to hold more ATCs from swaps and used up worksheets, instead of throwing them away.

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