Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melted Crayon on Embossed Paper

After watching a video on this technique, I had to give it a try. You'll see how it's done on the video, better than my step-by-step, so go watch it!!! For this technique you need regular crayons, paper or card stock embossed in an embossing folder and a mini iron.Melt part of a crayon on the flat side of a mini iron.
Turn iron over and rub onto the embossed paper.Continue adding more wax with a variety of colors as desired. You can use the pointed tip of the mini iron to direct melted wax into the small debossed areas.
Continue to add more melted crayon until the paper is covered. Rub surface with a paper towel to bring out the shine. This next piece I did with the same technique, using orange, reds and brown crayons. Then cut the piece out with a large die.

Close up of the house
I want to buy more crayons with multiple colors, including metallic colors!!!


Micki said...

Looks like a fun technique. I just got a Vagabond and some embossing folders and dies. Will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Gaby Bee said...

Great technique, Carol! Love the color of the little house!

PaulineC said...

Great technique. Thanks for showing us and for the link.

chrissy said...

Love this technique!!