Friday, November 26, 2010

Book Study - Phone Book Paper

On NGS group we are doing a study of Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop". This week's section is "Phone Book Paper". Not only are these papers free, they easily absorb paints and glues. Glue card stock to the back of a page of phone book paper. Cut out the piece and brayer the paper down to adhere well to the back.
Mix acrylic paint and glazing medium to the front of the card, and wipe off the excess paint. Bernie recommends using a baby wipe, I used a paper towel.
Bernie suggests adding a second color layer to add some depth. I mixed q. azo nickel gold with glazing medium for my second layer, adding more color to the bottom and sides.
Once the background dries, add collage images of your choice. I used Souffle pens to add designs to the border.
I painted another bit of a phone book page with yellow acrylic paint and cut out flowers with a die cut.
Used a permanent black pen to add details to the "souffle" words, to help them stand out. And added a cut out vintage image and the die cut flowers.
I made another phone book page background by rubbing on assorted Distress Inks.
Added some collage elements to create this ATC:


Rosie Rowe said...

Carol, thanks so much for sharing these techniques on your blog. I feel as though I am vicariously reading Bernie's book with you! Love what you've achieved with these phone book backgrounds - 2 super ATCs!

deb said...

Love these! Since we get several pounds of phone books a year, we have lots of paper for this project!

I tried using phone pages as scraps for glueing/painting on and found the ink bleeds onto everything. This is a much better idea.