Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A is for Acrylic Paint Layering

This is another technique with endless possibilities. One of the things I like about acrylic paint is, if you don't like what you've done: paint over it!!!
I had one sheet of gessoed canvas paper that I didn't have success with the alcohol dissolve acrylic paint techniques. I painted over it with green acrylic paint and let it dry.
I roughly mixed blue and white acrylic paint and sponged it over the paper, and let dry.
I'm starting to get an idea for using this paper, so I cut it in half. Sponged on a mixture of white and silver metallic acrylic paints over sequin scrap. Choose to apply more paint to two of the corners and less in the middle, then let dry.
Added some more acrylic paint, by mixing in some blue acrylic to the white/silver metallic paint mixture and applied with a round piece of plastic.
I choose to stop here. There is no right or wrong with this technique. Have fun playing and stop when you like what you've done.

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chrissy said...

This is so pretty! I keep forgetting to use my punchinella to create the texture.