Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Black Pearls Background

I did this technique before using paper towels as the base. This time, I tried it on a napkin. I like the thinner base.
Place napkin or paper towel on to foil or plastic. Sponge black (or other dark color) acrylic paint on to a napkin.
While the paint is wet, used a baby wipe to dab on metallic paint. Here I used Copper Lumiere Paint.
Once the paint has completely dried, remove it from the foil/plastic layer.
Also did this technique with a mixture of two Lumiere metallic paints, Super Sparkle and Pearl Turquoise.


Maggi said...

You are killing me with all these techniques!!!! I have 20 fatbook pages due by the end of the month and need to get a few things done before we go to AZ in March - I can't keep up with you, girl!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration.

Carol said...

LOL, you don't have to keep up with me! This is my "art therapy" great stress reliever, especially making backgrounds, no thought for a final project, just adding to may background stash. Have fun in AZ and give some of these a play later when you just want to play. : )