Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Charm Bracelet

When I was at the Shrine Art Retreat in Arizona, we traded charms. Debbie also gave us a double chain bracelet to use. I took all the charms added them to the bracelet and also made bead pieces out of small turquoise bits I got in Arizona. A memory of fun times and good friends.


Narrative jewelry said...

Waooouuh, wonderful piece of art. This bracelet is just incredible, all those details, and different components ! Is it etched metal for some of them ? Love the small seashell with the butterfly, so cute !


Carol said...

Good eyes, two of the pieces are etched brass. Here's a couple of links of what I did and Adrienne also:
The seashell charm came from Jessie in New Zealand. Lots of fun!!

Adrienne Wood said...

Your finished bracelt looks yummy. Love the extra beaded bits you added - they really bring the whole piece together.

Mine is all still in the organza bag I put it into to stop it getting lost on my travels:-(

artymarty said...

Gorgeous Carol

Gaby Bee said...

All I can say is STUNNING! You never cease to amaze me, Carol!