Thursday, February 21, 2008

Excellence Award

Manna from Out of the East has awarded me with the E-Excellent Award! Thank you Manna I love looking at the art on your blog and hope many more people find your site.
I will encourage you to check out these blogs (hard to choose only a few, so making it an interesting mix of sites to inspire you) that are EXCELLENT:
Trish Bee's Art-Venture this blog is full of techniques, challenges and inspirations. You can easily spend days here.
Thinking Inking is where I go to see beautiful cards and other projects made with stampings and scrapbook papers.
Adrienne's Adventures is filled with the most gorgeous photographs of Adrienne's travels throughout Wales. She gets paid to visit old castles and abbeys, and these photos are an art form in themselves. You'll also find a link to her art blog there (which is another Excellent blog).
craft critique says it gives unsolicited opinions on the subject of craft, if you want to know more about the supplies available to crafters this is the blog to check out.
I would encourage you to check out all of the Blog links I have in the right hand column, as these are some of the craft sites I visit regularly.

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Adrienne Wood said...

Thank you for nominating my travel adventures blog - I feel very honoured!