Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have made quilts off and on for many years, but wasn't happy with only knowing how to tie them together (my hand stitching was very large and uneven). Almost two years ago, I joined Comfort Quilters at my church, and have been encouraged to learn new techniques and skills as well as making lap top quilts for people with cancer, other illnesses and for babies. I didn't think to take pictures of the quilts I gave away, but have taken them of the ones I kept and placed them in the slide show below.

The Hawaiian Memories, Scandinavian Blue & French Floral quilts were all professionally quilted. The table cloth was pieced using a friends serger, so it has no back and no quilting. The other three I quilted by machine.
I bought a beautiful red fabric in Paris, that was heavier that cotton, so I decided to use it mainly as the back, with some pieced on the front. Then I didn't have enough to be the entire back, so I created a similar design "stripe" down the center of the back. My most recent quilt, the batik entitled "Glorious Grandchild", I deliberately pieced the back with leftover batik fabrics. It was a lot of fun and my favorite so far. I have many more quilts in various stages to be completed and will try to remember to take pictures as I complete them. Quilting is a addictive as paper crafts!

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Adrienne Wood said...

Fabulous work - I especially love the glorious grandchild quilt (both sides!), but also the lighthouse wallhanging and the chenille quilt

I wish I had the patience and time to do this!