Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Study - Shabby Chic

We're doing a book study of Tim Holtz's book "A Compendium of Curiosities" on NGS group. This week we're looking at the section ' Shabby Chic". Start by painting a piece of Grunge (I used Grungepaper) with a dark color of acrylic paint, let dry.
Stamp image(s) with embossing ink on grunge and cover with clear embossing powder.
Heat set until the embossing powder is clear and shiny. Let cool.
Paint over the entire piece of Grunge with acrylic paint color of your choice.
When the paint is still tacky, not yet completely dry, mist a cloth/paper towel with water and wipe over the embossed design to remove excess paint from the design.
I didn't have a light blue acrylic paint, and thought this looked a little dark.
So I lightly painted some areas over with white acrylic paint and when tacky, wiped off the excess paint with a damp paper towel.
I like the look of this technique.


Rosie said...

Yes, I like it too! Great pics as always Carol! Where would I be without your techniques and artwork to inspire me in short bursts? Love this! =)

CreativSpirit said...

Very nice Carol, thanks.

Lindart said...

I like this technique too! You did a great job of "saving" it (not that it needed saving, I liked the dark too!) by adding the white. Looks fab!