Saturday, August 21, 2010

Book Review - Handles and Bent Hinges

This week on NGS group we are looking at the section "Handles and Bent Hinges" in Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed". Julia notes that this project must be completed at the time you start or the glue will dry before the piece can be manipulated.
In Julia's book, she suggests painting the pieces at the end to simulate the look of metal (similar to Hardware or Filigree sections). I wanted my bits to look like leather, so (using a Tim Holtz die cut) I cut the top layers for two pieces out of the Leather Paper that I made earlier. Also cut two pieces of plain brown card stock to be the bottom layers. Julia mentions that thinner layers will hold their shape better, and recommends only using 2 - 3 layers of die cuts for this project.
Adhere 2 or 3 matching layers of die cuts with white glue, and WHILE the glue is still wet, form the shape around a dowel or paint brush. I used a small hand weight, because my pieces are quite large. I folded back the sections I wanted to lay flat.
After the piece is completely dry, smooth the rough edges with sandpaper or a small file. Paint and age as desired. Because I started with the leather paper, I just colored the edges with Aged Mahogany Distress ink (the same ink I'd used in making this piece of Leather Paper).

These will be fun to use on a project.


chrissy said...

Good idea to use the leather paper you made earlier. These look so real!!
Chrissy Bornfleth

Maggi said...

I never thought of using that die to make handles!! Now I'll have to purchase it!!!! I have some of the other new dies, but not that one. Thanks for posting this technique.