Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Study - Stippling Methods

This week in our study of Julia Andrus's book "Paper Transformed" on NGS group, we're looking at the section Stippling Methods. Stippling is using a brush to apply ink or paint to your paper by pouncing the brush up and down on the paper. A stippling brush has stiff hairs close together. Stippling creates a light air brushed appearance and can be used to add shading and to define images.
One way to use stippling to create backgrounds is to use the torn edge of a paper to mask parts of the paper to which you are applying ink. Move the paper to add more ink to other parts. Add other colors as desired.
Stippled on tumbled glass, stormy sky and crushed sapphire Distress inks:
You can also use stencils when stippling. For this piece, I first rubbed on antique lined Distress ink to add variation in color to the white paper. Next lay stencil over paper and use stippling brush to add color as desired. Here I've added wild honey and dried marigold Distress ink.
With the stencil still in place, I also stippled on worn lipstick, victorian velvet, mulled lavender and dusky concord Distress inks. Then removed the stencil:
Stippling can also be done directly to the paper without stencils or torn paper. Here I've started with wild honey Distress ink:
Then continued to stipple using crushed olive, peeled paint, and forest moss Distress inks and finished with stippling on Encore! gold ink:
This is fun to create your own papers using the inks and paints you have on hand with endless possibilities.


LuLu said...

Howdy Carol,

Love these backgrounds. Great tips. I just tried stipplling myself recently - didn't even know I was 'stippling'. I was trying to do some stencilling - but my experiment failed. Paper was too thin...

Also, thanks for stopping by to visit and comment on my blog.


deb said...

Love these - the blue one is so pretty. Also like the one just stippled onto paper without any design - great colors and what a cool background!
Thanks for sharing!

chrissy said...

I love the look and colors you achieved with the torn paper method!!! And that tree stencil.... I went out and bought it after seeing another of your postings where you used it. Looks like you have some of the new distress ink colors.... they are yummy!!!! I may have to break down and buy some.
Chrissy Bornfleth

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol: Thank you so much for continuing with this book study.
I have the book, and your posts inspire me to use these techniques.
You're the best thing on NGS.
so long, linn