Thursday, May 15, 2014

Using Embossing Folders to Make Prints

Last night at stamp club, the demonstration was on using embossing folders to make prints. We had lots of fun! The instructions were to use complimentary ink colors and daub them on to the embossing folder (the side where the images are recessed). Then spritz the ink with water.
Then place your paper or cardstock inside the embossing folder. I like to flip the folder over and press down on the folder, ensuring I press the entire area.
The image on the left, is the print I made. I like the soft water color appearance. I then spritzed the embossing folder again over the leftover ink, placed another paper in the folder and got the fainter image you see on the right.
I decided to embossing the faint image with the same embossing folder I used to make the print (after cleaning off all the ink & water) and got this effect:
I found more intense color can be made with this technique by applying ink directly to the embossing folder, instead of using daubers. 
 I got three images from one inking by spritzing the folder with water between each printing. With the third and faintest image, I ran it through the same embossing folder to get this effect:
 With the second printing, I ran the print through a different embossing folder. I like how this turned out:
 I decided to try this technique with 4 colors, not complimentary. The ink pads were applied directly to the embossing folder for bold color. These images are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd printings with the same ink, spritzing with water each time before pressing.
 I also embossed each of these. The one on the left with a different, diamond embossing folder.
The middle one, originally with the diamond folder, but thought it distorted the print too much, so re embossed with the original embossing folder. You can see the faint diamond images.
the one on the right with the original embossing folder. I like how the looks are so different although they started with the same embossing folder and inks.
Here are some of the other prints I made at stamp club.
I love using the supplies I already own in new ways. Hope you get a chance to experiment with your embossing folders!

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