Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goosebumps Play

Last night at stamp club, John from Imagine Crafts came with Goosebumps, inks, paper, etc and led us in a fun play time. Wish I'd brought my camera, but here a pictures of what I made. Goosebumps is a textured resist medium. We were each given a bottle of Shimmer Goosebumps to play with and keep. The first images are all done on plain white card stock. 
Placed a plastic stencil over paper, sprayed on the Shimmer Goosebump (then flipped this over onto another white paper and pressed down to get the reverse stencil on the second sheet). Let dry, then applied 3 different color inks over all from the ink pad (ftp).Then used Ink Potion no. 9 blending solution. Then sprayed on some blue Fireworks shimmer spray.
 This is the reverses stencil image from above, using the same ink colors dtp. Then stamped on images with dark blue dye ink.
The next 3 pieces were done using plain Goosebumps in a dabber bottle. The Goosebumps was dabbed onto stamps and the stamp stamped on to white card stock. On this one, rainbow dye ink was applied with a brayer, blue Fireworks shimmer spray was sprayed on. Then the same dragonfly stamp was inked with blue ink and stamped over the card. The dye ink does not stick to the Goosebumps, so the images appear under the white ones.
Inks applied by ftp.
 Inks from a rainbow ink pad applied with a brayer, then a pink Fireworks shimmer spray was sprayed on.
 The next two are pre printed background papers. On the first a stencil was placed down and Shimmer Goosebumps sprayed over them, on the second, the wet stencil was turned over and pressed on that paper. Used different rainbow ink pads and a brayer to color over the papers. On the top one, I also sprayed some blue Fireworks shimmer spray.

 Shimmer Goosebumps was sprayed over these next two sheets of printed background papers, then inked with rainbow ink pads using a brayer, then sprayed with Ink Potion no. 9 blending solution.

 This flower image was stamped and embossed with black embossing powder. Was colored with dye markers. Shimmer Goosebumps was painted over the flower image, this gives the image a stained glass look. Not captured well in my photo.
 And this is the work sheet protecting the table. I love all the colors and shimmer, it will be used in a future project.
Now I have lots of gorgeous papers to turn into projects, and lots of ideas to use the Goosebumps spray!!!!


Renee said...

Hi Carol! I love all the projects you shared today. LOVE John as much as I do Goosebumps. :-))))

chrissy said...

Beautiful Carol. I've heard of goosebumps... a friend of mine has used it.

Art Tart on a Farm said...

thanks for posting the pictures. I have 3 goosebumps spray and I do love to spray them over a creation but have not used them as a resist yet. I really like the paint on idea.