Wednesday, February 20, 2013

W is for Watercolor Stains

I saw this technique in the latest Technique Junkie Newsletter, I decided to give it a try.
Use a bold stamp image and apply Distress Stain colors of your choice on the stamp surface.
 Spritz with Perfect Pearls mist (I mix my own with perfect pearls and water in a mini mister)
 Stamp on to watercolor paper and heat set.

This photo doesn't show the glimmer of the perfect pearls, but it is there.

Saw there was still lots of color on the stamp, so remitted with the Perfect Pearls Spray and stamped on a dictionary page several times:
 Applied these colors of Distress Stains on another bold stamp, sprayed with Perfect Pearls mist,
 Stamped on watercolor paper and heat set:
 Resprayed the stamp with Perfect Pearls mist for another image on watercolor paper:
I may be using too much Distress Stain on the stamp, so thought I'd try the technique with Distress ink pads. First I inked the entire stamp with the yellow Distress ink, then added the other two colors to alternating flourishes (not sure what those parts are actually called), then spritzed with the Perfect Pearls Mist,
 and stamped on to watercolor paper and heat set:
Fun to experiment!

1 comment:

Celeste said...

using the pad seemed to make the image clearer.
Im inspired to try myself now and have many stamps that this technique will suit. Thanks for the inspiration.