Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Worksheet Wonder and Embossing Powder

I need some creative embossing powder (ep) uses. Decided to create some paper out of a worksheet with an emphasis of embossing powder. Overall, I'm following Trish Bee's instructions to make a Worksheet Wonder. Started with this sheet which had lots of acrylic paints over it.
 Stamped on a design with pick acrylic paint and text with India Ink to cover the sheet.
 Sprayed the surface with Bronze Perfect Pearls Mist and Red Starburst spray.
 Instead of covering the sheet with clear embossing powder, I wrinkled up the sheet while it was still wet, ran an embossing ink pad over the wrinkles, and coated with this white & glittery ep, then heat set. Because the paper was quite damp, when wrinkling, it tore. I can work around that ; )
 Here's a close up, lots of shimmer and sparkle:

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