Thursday, December 8, 2011

Small Christmas Ornament

Today, along with his Christmas tag, Tim Holtz made awesome Christmas ornaments out of  his pocket watch ideology product. I don't have any of those, but loved the collage look and so I got out my Memory Glass pits and began to play.
 Made these mini collages out of decorative paper. Added "peace" from a dictionary page, and "JOY" from stickers. Added some gold highlights with a gold leafing pen, and some glitter.
 Glued these collages back to back, placed between two pieces of glass and placed in this copper frame. Added some white beads with copper wire and tied on a green ribbon. On this side add a small green rhinestone.
 On this side added three small rhinestones.
This ornament doesn't have the cool dimension inside that can be achieved with the pocket watch, but I had fun today.


ArteDar said...

Beautiful art here...ya have me hooked as a "follower"....isn't the Tim's 12 Days of Christmas tags FUN? I'm having a blast. Peace and Love

chrissy said...

You do a fantastic job of 'ad libbing' (sp?) when you don't have the materials that a project calls for. That is a special quality and I am jealous.