Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Study - Stencils

On NGS group we are doing a study of Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop". This week is the section on "Stencils". There are many ways to use to stencils, and Bernie discusses several ways. I like how she choose to demonstrate applying stencil over stencil in this section.
I choose a large squares stencil and placed it over pick card stock and sponged on white acrylic paint.
When the white paint dried, I layered smaller squares over the top and sponged on black acrylic paint.
This will be a fun background to incorporate into a project:
For my next project, I choose translucent acrylic paints that would allow the dictionary page to show through. I used yellow ocher over sequin waste, and q. nickle azo gold over a home made stencil (made with dye cuts).
This is another fun background that I will incorporate into a future project.

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WW said...

I love your swirly stencil.