Friday, June 4, 2010

Book Study - Faux Sea Glass

On NGS group, we're doing a book study on Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed". This week we're looking at the section "Faux Sea Glass". This project is very similar to the "Cosmo Paper" Technique we did earlier. Color mat board with inks, watercolors or colored pencils.
Next, coat the surface with clear embossing ink, Perfect Medium, or VersaMark ink and coat with clear Embossing Enamel (UTEE or Opals), heat to melt embossing enamel(EE). While the EE is melted sprinkle on another layer of EE and heat. Repeat one more time and let cool completely.
Coat the cool surface with clear embossing ink, Perfect Medium or VersaMark ink and lightly brush on Perfect Pearls.
Julia instructs us to sprinkle EE on top of the Perfect Pearls layer and begin heating from a distance so the embossing powder won't blow away. I decided to lightly heat the Perfect Pearls layer to melt the EE that was already there, then sprinkle on more EE and heat. Remove the heat and immediately spray with water to pit the surface.
Here's the piece finished:
And on an angle, I don't see the pits, maybe it's because I used Franklin Opal instead of UTEE.
I made some more. Picture before adding Perfect Pearls.
To the one on the left I added Forever Green, Kiwi and Copper Perfect Pearls. To the middle one I added Raspberry Sparkle, Plum and Copper Perfect Pearls. To the one on the left I added assorted Perfect Pearls that have spilled in my drawer.


chrissy said...

I still think they are pretty even though you feel they didn't turn out like Julia's example. I've done this one when I first got the book and liked the result, but didn't use mat board so the the piece warped a bit.
chrissy bornfleth

Anonymous said...

May be you should try another spritz bottle. I used one for flowers,then you can change the way it sprays and that must be quite strong.