Saturday, September 15, 2007

Art Quest Challenge

While I was off visiting family in the Midwest, I was invited to take part in the Art Quest Challenge. The original instructions were to buy a journal or book to alter and await further instructions. I went shopping for my journal, but before arriving home the first challenge was given. After being away from my home and supplies for over a week, I was itching to create. I decided to participate with what I could find at my son's house. The three step challenge was to 1. create texture; 2. glue it down; and 3. color with only one medium. Show your work then complete your pages however you desire.
I found some patterned paper towel and used Elmer's glue to attach it to my page. I added color with Crayola Glue Pens. We had recently celebrated 4 Birthdays, including my 2 yr old granddaughter, so I thought the bright glittery colors were very celebratory.

When I looked at my page when I returned home, I was reminded of beginning art in Kindergarten and completed my page in that mode. I'm looking forward to the upcoming challenges!

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Trish Bee said...

Wow Im impressed! I love your page what you did for the challenge! I love the words you used to describe creative play - so true! We should all make more time for art and play as it really does keep us young :)