Friday, March 7, 2008

Textured Gesso

This is the 5th of the Background Noise Challenges from Trish B.
I didn't have black gesso, so I used white gesso on 1/4 sheets of card stock. I tried to make different textures, and then let it dry.

One two sheets, I used black acrylic paint and on another a mixture of black & red paints.

On one, I painted over with gold acrylic and on another I sprayed on Solar Gold Shimmering Mist.

I painted gold acrylic over the black & red one. I didn't notice until after they had dried, that I used too much gold paint and lost the contrast in the texture.

I painted over the gold with another layer of black acrylic paint and rubbed it down with a wet wipe. On the left, I liked how the texture stood out. On the right, there wasn't much texture, so I spiced it up with some Guatemalan Green Shimmering Mist Spray.

I painted two sheets with red acrylic paint.

On the left, I painted on gold acrylic paint. On the right, I sprayed on Solar Gold Shimmering Mist.

Again, it wasn't until it dried, that I saw it was too much gold. I painted over it with the black acrylic and rubbed with a wet wipe. I really like how the contrast shows up on this one.
On two, I painted on a green acrylic. For some reason, the paint didn't want to stick to the paper on the right.

On the left, I painted over the green with gold acrylic paint and kiwi perfect pearls. On the right, I used metallic gold Luminere's paint.

I painted blue acrylic on two other sheets.

On the left, I painted on silver acrylic paint with perfect pearls added. On the right, I sprayed on Pewter Shimmering Mist.


Susie said...

These are all great Carol, but I have to admit, I really like the sparkly ones best. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great backgrounds. Good photos and instructions.

charlie said...

So pretty... especially the green.